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Admittedly, “Asian-themed games” is a bit of a catch-all for those internet slots based on any number of icons from several distinct and ancient cultures flourishing on the world’s biggest continent. However, most online slot players know generally what to expect from this artificially-created subgenre: Japanese geishas, lucky Chinese dragons, Thai vacations, et cetera.

Take a trip to Asia the next time you visit the online casino for some great Asian-themed slot games. With a bevy of dragons, samurai, ninjas, geishas, and Thai beauties, it’s no wonder these cultures make for many a themed slot.

What are Japanese slot machine games like?

Geishas, samurai and ninjas tend to dominate this subgenre, combining erotic adventure with, well, adventure. Check out the slot games Geisha Wonders, Samurai Princess and Naughty Ninjas – just to cite three titles – for representative examples. Also tremendously popular among Japan-flavored slot games: Sushi. The Sushi Bar and Sushi Express slots will leave you hungry for more winnings, that’s for sure!

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And Chinese slot machines…?

“China” may be a bit of dirty word to US president Donald Trump, but not in online casinos, any of which will feature more than one China-themed slots game. Dragons (an especially red dragons, as red is a color associated with luck) and tigers are considered in some areas of China as symbols of wealth – see Triple Fortune Dragon, Golden Dragon, Tiger Treasures and King Tiger as just a very few of the many examples of these iconic animals.

Buddha will make his appearance – sometimes even alongside golden trinkets, as gold is associated with wealth in Asian cultures – In Chinese slot machines. And the big land China has plenty of online slots of other themes with Lucky Money, Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, and Chinese New Year; again, just scratching the surface here

What about other Asian-themed slots?

While China and Japan tend to dominate the “Asian-themed” subgenre of online slots, at least a couple more great nations of the big continent are well represented culturally in internet casino land. If you’re interested in Thailand (beaches or nightlife), check out the Thai Sunrise, Thai Paradise and Bangkok Nights slots.

India also gets fair representation in the virtual gaming halls, crossing over into slots subgenres like animals/wildlife (Untamed Bengal Tiger), sports (Rickety Cricket) and food (Cash ‘n’ Curry). Plus, more than one version of Jungle Book slots is out there.

Any tips for luck?

In addition to the above-listed lucky icons, goldfish (a.k.a. koi or carp) are another Asian symbol thought to produce an abundance of gold while the yin-yang symbol is thought to promote balance in all things.

In China, number 4 is considered unlucky while 8, 13, and 18 are lucky; 4 and 8 are considered the same way in Japan, while 9 is an additional unlucky number. In Thailand, however, 9 is thought to be lucky; for most Indians, 3 and 6 carry good fortune. Finally, in Vietnam, 4 is unlucky as 7 is lucky, while 5 and 11 may be considered inauspicious. We don’t know if any of this will help you at the online casino, but hey…

The core of online casinos is made of slot games. Is there any game that pops up in your mind when casinos are mentioned? Card games are always popular but it’s truly slot games that define the industry. Asia Live Tech an iGaming Software Provider based in Cambodia never forgets that, creating and implementing new slot games constantly within its catalog. Which brings us to today’s announcement. Asia Live Tech is delighted to say that 9 new slot games will be launched in the next few weeks, updating every online casino that has a partnership with them.

Those new slot games are part of Asia Live Tech’s policy on ever-growing development for both them and their partners. As they put it: “We are not a company that is delivering then forgetting about our valued customers. We want to create a bond that lasts and to do so, this is only one way: care! Care about our customers and their success for their businesses. They win, we win.”

This policy also influenced those 9 new slot games’ themes. Developing a game is never a simple matter, but themes can be overlooked. Yet, doing so could end up in unpopular games, unlikely to be played, as they are not appealing to customers. Asia Live Tech mentioned that they want those games to be tied to what is hot today, to what players are expecting, tying them to pop culture, exotic destinations or popular myths and adventures.

Here they come, in alphabetic order:

Bali: The defining example for exotic destinations. This Indonesian island popular for its beaches and temples was chosen as the perfect place for a colorful slot game.

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Chinese Emperor: Keeping up with Asia, Chinese Emperor moves the player to China this time. China is an endless source of themes, thanks to his millennia-long culture, something that Asia Live Tech treasures.

Halloween Night: A slot game that is bound to rise in popularity every year at this time, Halloween Night is ensured to make players hope they will be well treated, not tricked.

Medusa: Not many myths are as well-known as Medusa, which is why slot games based on her looked like an evidence.

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Penguin Vacation: If pop culture is to be analyzed on the subject of penguins, it appears those birds are inherently funny and loved, giving good, wholesome fun.

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Rock -n- Roll: Playing games is sometimes not enough. A good soundtrack is needed to keep the heart pumping as the gains rise. Rock -n- Roll answers to this need.

Safari Time: Mixing colorful landscapes with renowned animals, Safari Time covers the needs of players wishing to see Africa


Universe: Travelling the Universe is a popular dream. Seeing stars, discovering new planets and perhaps making the first contact with extraterrestrial life. Man cannot do this yet but Universe will give them a taste.

Zombie Party: Zombies are still popular, but it needs a twist to not appear cliché or boring. This is how the Zombie Party’s concept came to be.

Asia Live Tech hopes that these games will be well-received and stay at the service of operators and players wishing to learn more about them. If that’s your case, visit their website to get started at

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