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AT CEG Casino Dealer School you will learn from experienced professional dealers from the best Las Vegas Casinos. CEG offers a variety of Professional Casino Dealer Courses. You can train to be a casino dealer at our campus 2 miles west of the Las Vegas strip on Sahara and Decatur. Our 12 casino game instructors have more than 250 years casino. COO-385 Casino Poker Dealer CLI-302 Advanced Casino Poker What is the cost? $197 to $785 per course for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees. First your training may be partially or completely subsidized by the casino you end up working for. Before enrolling in a Craps Dealer school, contact the casino where you plan on working. They may offer a program that will give you free admission to their preferred Craps Dealer school, so long as you complete the training.

Take advantage of PCI Dealer School’s reduced tuition rates on our popular multi-game packages.
These programs consistently track our highest placement percentages.

$400 per 4-weeks


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There are limitless combination packages PCI Dealer School can put together for you.
If there is something that you do not see here, please call us at 702-877-4PCI for a price on your specific package.

Blackjack – Dice – Roulette – $799.00
Dice – Roulette – $699.00
Blackjack – Dice – $449.00
Blackjack – Roulette – $399.00

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Blackjack – $299.00
Baccarat – $299.00
Pai Gow Poker – $299.00
Dice -$399.00
Roulette – $399.00
Blackjack, Baccarat – $399.00
Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker – $399.00
Poker (excluded from 3-game special) – $599.00
(please call prior to registering).
Blackjack, Dice, Pai Gow Poker – $699.00
Carnival Games -$149.00
Hard Copy Manuals -$20.00