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Small, local poker rooms inevitably have some problems, but I have been playing here for two years and find it to be mostly a well run and fun room.

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Just Plain More Fun. Slot Tournament Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, 2PM - 8PM (excluding December 21 st, 2019 and January 1 st, 2020). FREE for all PAC members. Join us every Wednesday for our Just Plain More Fun Slot Tournament! Located meters away from the sun-drenched beach, Casino Marbella is a popular tournament destination, and past PokerStars-sponsored events have attracted record-breaking fields to Spain's southern coast. Make sure you join them! Festival Dates: June 4-10, 2018.

For one thing, it runs the best 2/5 (and sometimes 5/10) game in the state. It has a timed rake of $7 per half hour so no drop on any hands and that includes being eligible for the jackpot and promotions. It runs 4-5 times a week on average. The betting cap is $680 rather than $500 at Talking Stick. There is usually good to great action. Anyone saying otherwise is simply wrong. There is always the standard types of 1/2, 1/3 games as well as 4/8 and sometimes 6/12 mix.


They offer a wide variety of promotions, some of which reward everyone equally and some of which reward those who put in the most hours. This seems like a fair balance and during football season has caused consistent increases in business and action.


Casino Del Sol Poker Tournament Schedule Bracket

I think the dealers here are excellent. I have played many years in many casinos. They do an excellent job. They are human, so an occasional mistake it made, but at no higher rate than any other casino I have been in.

Casino Del Sol Poker Room

My main complaint is the food and beverage service. There are some excellent servers working very hard but some of them really struggle and its clear that at times the room is severely understaffed.

Casino Del Sol Bingo Schedule

Poker is an after thought here. Tournaments have no guarantee and last upwards of 5 hours cannibalizing the mediocre 1/2 game they have. The 1/2 game is flooded with min buy ins of $50 with lots of lobbyist.
You'd do better to drive to talking stick than wait here 5 hours for 1 table to materialize.
Promotions are nonexistent. Jackpot goes up by $150 a day but promo find exceeds 200k. They splash $25 after a flush is flopped in two suits. Spades and hearts. Pathetic.
Dealers critique players moves. Play games with cards being dealt. Are more interested in their own tips than running a clean and efficient game.
The remaining portions of the casino have improved greatly with the no smoking guidelines. However, you cannot eat there outside of two dedicated spots.