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The following is a list of helmets in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

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ImageNameDefenceEquipBuy / SellRecipiesAreaDropNotes
Bandana1Hero45G / 23GNONEPeregrin QuayBlood mummy(N), Bodkin archer(N), Jailcat(N), Killer croaker(R), Mummy boy(N), Skullrider(R)The Hero starts with this equipped.
Bronze helmet20Hero, AngeloCrafted / 825GBronze knife + Bronze knife + Stone hardhatAlchemy PotNONE
Bunny ears14JessicaCrafted / 450GBunny tail + HairbandAlchemy PotNONEChanges Jessica's appearance if the Bunny suit and Fishnet stockings are also equipped.
Coral hairpin20Jessica950G / 475GNONEBaccaratKing kelp(R), Siren(N), Wailin' weed(R)
Dragovian helmet50HeroReward / N/ANONEDragovian SanctuaryNONEChanges the hero's appearance when also wearing the Dragovian armour. One of the rewards available for defeating the Lord of the Dragovians; Lowers the probability of being afflicted with sleep, confusion, and instant death status to 1/16.
Feathered cap9Hero, Yangus, Angelo, JessicaCrafted / 200GChimaera wing + Leather hatMaella Abbey area, ArgoniaNight fox(R)Treasure chest on the field of the Maella Abbey area. In a barrel in Argonia
Fur hood18Hero, Yangus1400G / 700GFeathered cap + Fur ponchoWest Trodain ChurchNONE
Golden tiara43JessicaCrafted / 26000GGold nugget + Silver tiara + Thinking capAlchemy PotNONELowers probability of being afflicted with snooze, whack, and fuddle status ailments to 1/8
Great helm45Hero, Yangus16000G / 8000GNONETryan GullyNONE
Hades' helm33Hero, YangusFound / 4250GDevil's tail + Mythril helmPirate's CoveHell gladiator(N), Servant of Darkness(N)Cursed. This helm prevents the user from doing anything on the first round of every new battle. Treasure chest in Pirate's Cove.
Hairband5Jessica150G / 75GNONEPeregrin QuayBag o'laughs(R), Chimaera(R), Darkodile(N), Dingaling(N), Garuda(N), Heligator(N)Jessica starts with this equipped
Happy hat31Angelo, JessicaReward / 10000GElevating shoes + Feathered capAlchemy Pot, PickhamNONERecover MP while strolling on the field. Give Dodgy Dave in Pickham a Sandstorm Spear.
Hermes' hat20Hero, Yangus, Angelo, JessicaReward / 1400GFeathered Cap + Mercury's BandanaAlchemy PotNONETool use: Casts Zoom when used as a tool outside of battle.
Iron headgear32Hero, Yangus5500G / 2750GNONEOrkutskDark devildog(N)
Iron helmet16Hero, Angelo1100G / 550GNONEPickhamBattle beetle(R), Claws(N), Iron rhino(R), Jab(R), Octavian sentry(N)
Iron mask25Hero, Yangus3500G / 1750GNONEArgonia BazaarShadow(R)
Leather hat3Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica65G / 33GNONEFareburyBeetleboy(R), Bunicorn(N), Dark sabrecat(N), High roller(N)Yangus starts with this equipped.
Magical hat25Jessica2700G / 2000GNONEArcadia, Argonia BazaarDark slime(R), Grim rider(R), Mucho macho(R)
Mercury's bandana23HeroCrafted / 2000GAgility ring + BandanaAlchemy PotSeasaur(R)Agility +15
Metal king helm55Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica90tM / 10000GNONEPrincess Minnie's CastleNONELowers probability of getting hit with Fizzle, Fuddle, Snooze and Whack to 1/4. Give 90 Mini medals to Princess Minnie.
Mythril helm38Hero, Angelo13300G / 8800GHades' helm + Saint's ashesDark Empycchu, EmpycchuNONE
Phantom mask48AngeloCrafted / 29000GDark robe + Iron headgearAlchemy PotNONEIncreases evasion rate by 12%.
Pirate's hat30HeroFound / 1400GNONEPirate's CoveCaptain Crow(N){boss}, Heavy hood(R)
Platinum headgear30Hero, Angelo5000T / 2050GNONEPickham CasinoNONE
Pointy hat7Yangus70G / 35GIron nail + Leather hatPeregrin QuaySquid kid(N)
Raging bull helm42Hero, YangusCrafted / 16500GCowpat + Fresh milk + Mythril helmAlchemy PotNONE
Scholar's cap33Angelo, JessicaCrafted / 5750GMagical hat + Scholar's specsAlchemy PotNONEWisdom +10
Silver tiara24Jessica1450G / 725GCoral hairpin + Silver platterArgoniaNONE
Skull helm49YangusFound / 4500GDevil's tail + Sun crownIsolated Plateau, Heavenly DaisNONECursed. When equipped your attack power is lowered to 0. This helmet is best used in conjunction with Yangus' Stainless Steal Scythe ability to eliminate the risk of defeating the enemy you're trying to rob.
Slime crown20YangusFound / 6000NONEHilltop Hut, Tryan GullyKing slime(R), Metal king slime(N)In a well. In a barrel
Stone hardhat15YangusFound / 435GPointy hat + Stone axeMole HoleBomboulder(N), Cockateer(N), Living statue(N), Mad mole(R)In a treasure chest
Sun crown52Hero, JessicaCrafted / 37000GSaint's ashes + Skull helmAlchemy PotNONEResistance to Fuddle and Snooze is greatly increased, possibly to 100%
Thinking cap38Angelo, Jessica13000G /6500GIron headgear + Scholar's capTryan GullyHead of state(R)Wisdom +15
Turban8Hero, Yangus410G /205GBandana + BandanaAscantha, SimpletonMummy(N), Mummy boy(R), Terror tabby(R)
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