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India has a huge population of well over one billion people. It is, therefore, probably no surprise that there are plenty of people who enjoy gambling in this region. Sports betting is very popular, particularly on cricket, as is horse racing betting. Casino gambling and playing poker are popular pastimes as well.

When it comes to local online casinos, only Sikkim offers legal gambling sites. That said, it is not illegal for you as a player to gamble at online casinos located outside of India. So when speaking of online gambling, it’s more a question of it not being regulated, rather than it being illegal. Multiple online casinos accept INR (Indian rupees) as legal tender for online transactions. You can also play in USD and Euros at the vast majority of online gambling sites. We offer a list of Rupee online casinos here. You can find the current USD to Rupees conversion rates here. Gambling is legal in India but there is no clear framework as many European countries have. With that said all Indian casinos, you can find on are legal to play on. There is no regulation for online casino in India as most Indian States haven’t bothered to regulated online gambling yet.

Despite the popularity of gambling in India, it’s technically prohibited in most of its forms. There are some exceptions, but there is very little in the way of legalized and regulated gambling. Much of the legislation which relates to gambling is very outdated and decidedly unclear. This is especially true when it comes to online gambling.

Online Casino India


As a result, it’s very difficult to determine exactly what’s legal and what’s not in India. The legalities of gambling have been the subject of extensive debate in the region for many years, but there hasn’t been much progress in terms of clarifying things. The fact that there is gambling related legislation at both federal level and state level makes things even more confusing.

On this page, we explore the subject as best we can, by looking at the legislation which is in place and how it can be interpreted.