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Remember how 30 Rock and Studio 60 premiered at the same time, and everyone knew that there was only room for one “behind the scenes at a late-night sketch comedy show” series, and most people, it seemed, had their money on the Sorkin one? Before they aired, one of my friends even dismissed 30 Rock “the un-funny sitcom version” of what was sure to be the far-superior Studio 60.

Well that obviously turned out to not be true. But while Studio 60 became universally hated, 30 Rock was busy being universally ignored. No one I knew was watching 30 Rock. I fell instantly in love, but felt as though I were by myself. I tried to get my friends into it, but nobody was biting. Until, that is, Jack and Kenneth played poker.

30 Rock is kind of a behind-the-scenes show, but it’s more about the absolute absurdity of the people who work there. While TGS was pretty prominent in season one, it all but disappeared by the end of season 3. So while the first season focused more on the office politics, the third episode of the series, “Blind Date,” gave us a taste of what was to come.

30 Rock Poker Scene30 Rock Poker Scene

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30 Rock Poker Scenes

In this episode, Jack and Liz are still trying to figure out their relationship. She sees him as “the man,” and he sees her as someone who “hasn’t been touched in any way” in quite a long time, and sets her up on a date with a woman. So while Liz is off figuring out whether or not she can become a lesbian, even though she’s not into the “sex stuff,” Jack invades the writers’ weekly poker game.

30 Rock Poker Scene, fono casino ovalle, macau casino job vacancy, poker twin rivers. (This would be a terrible idea; of television 30 Rock was born and of television 30 Rock was meant to be.) The seams are showing here, which both invites the viewer’s understanding and prompts us to want something better. And then sequences like the poker games from “Blind Date” come forward, and they make the waiting worth it. Kenneth Ellen Parcell is a fictional character on the NBC comedy television series, 30 Rock, portrayed by Jack McBrayer.Originally a supporting character in the first two episodes of the series, the show's producers eventually viewed him as a breakout character. For his portrayal of Kenneth Parcell, McBrayer received one Primetime Emmy Award nomination and seven Screen Actors Guild Award. Skip navigation Sign in.

It is in this poker game that we discover that Alec Baldwin isn’t going to be merely playing the straight man on this show; that even though he is playing the big executive, he isn’t above getting drunk and channeling a little Hannibal Lecter while playing poker with a hapless NBC page.

30 Rock Poker Scene Videos

Unfortunately, this is the only clip I could find of this encounter between Kenneth and Jack, so you don’t really get to see how brilliant Jack McBrayer is in this episode. But this is the one in which McBrayer began to transition from quirky background player to integral member of the cast. Between this and Baldwin infusing a sense of humor into the Jack Donaghy character, I had a lot less trouble convincing people to give 30 Rock a chance after this episode.

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