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Online poker has been wildly popular across Europe for nearly two decades. The Europeans were some of the first to play regularly, based on a love of live poker that spanned back many more decades. Online poker made it possible to avoid the costs of travel to access a poker room or tournament venue and instead play on the internet with others around the world.

Best Online Poker EuropeBest Online Poker Europe

The European Union (EU) has massive influence over the rules and regulations of the online gambling industry, including online poker across the continent. One might assume that with such an organisation, the laws regarding online poker in the 28 (soon to be 27) countries would be uniform. Online poker did not take off quite like it did in the United States, a country that once represented 50% of the online poker market, but it has been steadily growing in popularity in Europe over all the years and has maintained a strong footing overall in the region.

Best Online Poker Europe

These days, European players can play all their favorite online games directly from their phones or tablets, including most casino games and poker. Each individual European country has their own laws in place, but many countries also allow for native apps to be downloaded to devices to enhance the quality of the player experience further.


Satellites that operated via online poker also changed the game for Europeans, as the poker boom created an environment in which they could win prize packages online to travel to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker or to the US for any number of events from the US Poker Championships to the World Poker Tour. And players from the US won satellites to play on the European Poker Tour, opening up even more opportunities for poker venues in Europe.

Best Online Poker Games Free

Poker online grew at a rapid pace because of markets like those in Europe. Some countries even became known for their playing styles, as Italians and Scandinavians were more loose-aggressive while UK players tended to play a tighter game. And everyone wanted to play against them, whether in cash games or tournaments online.