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Most casino affiliate programs involve a monthly payment based on the amount of clicks/leads that you generated. In the case of iGaming, the most common format is the number of players that were directed to a particular casino from the referring affiliate. The numbers are calculated at the end of the month, and a payment issued. Highest paying online casino affiliate programs There are a lot of people getting into the affiliate world but few will get into online casino affiliates since this is an industry you will not easily promote on social media networks or search engine through paid programs. Online Casino Affiliate Programs Affiliate programs serve an important purpose in online gaming. They provide an incentive for affiliates to recruit gamblers on behalf of online casinos. In return, those operating the programs pay affiliate commissions. Gambling Affiliate Forum. Meet other successful affiliates and find, review, and join all gambling affiliate programs. Casino Affiliate Programs is the largest gambling affiliate community online in the world.

Best Online Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino affiliate programs are often misunderstood. The online gambling niche can bring in huge commissions if properly mined, but you need to know the rules. We’ll share with you the most trustworthy and lucrative online casinos and betting sites on the internet.

Featured Casino Affiliate Program

Affiliate Commissions: Three different models to choose from:
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Cost Per Account (CPA)
  • Hybrid Commission Plans

Affiliate Program Sign Up Page: Click Here

Affiliate Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

WebPartnersis a fully integrated, performance-based affiliate marketing program with a team of professionals that can help monetize affiliates’ traffic to accumulate real cash. Affiliates are offered the opportunity to earn commissions from six different top-notch brands; they are provided with all the necessary marketing tools to excel and succeed in this thriving industry. WebPartners offers four well-recognized and trusted sports betting brands:,, and two exciting standalone Casino (only) brands: and

Affiliates are given access to all brands they subscribe to or opt-in to. You do not need to promote all 5 brands. Many affiliates start with one brand, one niche and build upon their traffic. It is a single wallet affiliate account meaning that if you wish to add one of their other brands you can. Simply ask your designated account manager to do so.

Their Sportsbooks cover the widest selection of betting lines on all major sport leagues and sporting events worldwide. They support in-game betting, live dealer casino and the best loyalty program in the industry. WebPartners makes it easy to convert prospective leads into real-money players when promoting these brands.

The Casino software platforms include suppliers; BLR Tech, Arrow’s EDGE, DGS, Betsoft, Proprietary, ViG, and Concept Gaming. There is no activity quota; a chance for unlimited earnings; earnings per brand are not bundled; a 15-day cookie-tracking duration; cookie tracking logic is last cookie receives credit; the affiliate statistics software used is ‘MyAffiliates’; which is a highly regarded Affiliate platform a staple in iGaming industry and statistics are updated on a daily basis.

WebPartners has unique, effective marketing materials and promotions made readily available to all affiliates. They can also offer custom promotions and promocodes for performing Affiliates to earn even more revenue from. The range of Affiliate plans covers all three commission structures: Cost per Account (CPA), Revenue Share and or the Hybrid deals.

The most popular commission option, Four-tiered Revenue Share, offers affiliates revenue share earnings starting at 25% and rising to 35%. New affiliates will receive a 50% revenue share rate on their first month. In addition to that, WebPartners offers affiliates up to 35% from total losses from other clients they refer to the brand. For those affiliates who prefer a ‘best of both worlds’ commission structure Webpartners has a Hybrid plan, which is a combination of both CPA + RS plans whereby each component usually pays a smaller portion of each plan compared to their original standard offers. Their CPA plans are granted on an individual basis upon request. Payments are made promptly each month via bank wire, ACH transfer, check, player account or crypto options like bitcoin.

Do yourself a favor and check them out for yourself, you will be wealthier if you did:

2) Game Revenue

Affiliate Commissions: Four levels of commissions from 20-60%.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Affiliate Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Game Revenue pays high commissions in the gaming space of up to 60%. Their brands include Argo Casino & Sport, Zig Zag 777 & Sport and Ivi Casino. Game Revenue provides life-time cooking which means life-long revenue commissions for each player you bring to thier casino.

3) United Affiliates Network

Affiliate Commissions: Varies by offer.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here


Affiliate Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

United Affiliates Network is focused solely on Finance and Gambling industries. The network works solely with traffic providers that generate traffic through Google ads and seo, Facebook and Email campaigns.

We provide an end-to-end solution for affiliates and advertisers. Affiliates receive all the tools needed to run and generate traffic for the financial industry, we can even assist them with the “know-how” and the ABC steps needed to run traffic from Google, Facebook and emails.

From the other side, advertisers will get a super high quality traffic, generated by Google Ads and Facebook ads campaigns, SEO and Email marketing.

4) Tipbet

Affiliate Commissions: Varies by offer.

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Tipbet Ltd. is a young and ambitious company with headquarters in Malta. Since the establishment, we dedicate ourselves to the provision of sports betting. Every day, we feed thousands of national and international sports events with our betting offer. To guarantee the contentment of partners and clients, our proven software and hardware solutions are always up to date.

Sports and Live Betting is not only our core business, but also our passion. We support thousands of small and large sporting events around the world with our top odds. Up to the last minute of a live event, you can place a bet within seconds. This performance can be done through our unique and licensed sportsbook software.

5) Poker Strategy (A Poker School)

Affiliate Commissions: Earn up to $500 per referral. 2nd Tier pays you 10%.

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description:

More than 6,000,000 members – including some of the world’s most successful poker players – make truly the world’s largest poker school.

No matter what poker format you play or how long you have played for, at you will find poker strategy articles, videos, coaching sessions and discussions that are suitable for your skill level.

6) Mr. Green

Affiliate Commissions: Mr. Affiliate (aka Mr. Green) offers you 25% – 45% depending on the amount of new depositing players you refer to Mr Green each month.

Net revenue share will vary from time to time depending on how many new customers referred by the Affiliate Sites during each separate calendar month. Net revenue is the gross revenue generated from a new customers bets and losses less a fixed fee of 28%.

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

At the heart of Mr Green lies the Casino experience, built on the foundations of entertainment, fun, excitement and fairness. Originally launched to the Swedish market back in 2008, Mr Green has spread his umbrella and is now a major online Casino operator. The site is owned, and run by the Malta based company Mr Green Ltd.

7) Europartners

Affiliate Commissions: 25% to 40% profit sharing plus a second tier for your referrals.

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description:

As one of the most established e-gaming affiliate programs in the industry, with 70,000 affiliates in a dozen international markets, Euro Partners is a smart choice for helping you successfully navigate through the increasingly complex online gaming sector. Speak with one of our account managers today and find out how to leverage our experience to boost your earning potential.

8) FortuneAffiliates

Affiliate Commissions: When you sign up as an affiliate they place you on an opening rev share offer for the first 3 months of 30%, 40% and 50%. In month 4 you move to default revenue share which is based on number of players acquired, please see tiers below:

Number of *qualifying players:Rev Share %
1 to 9 players25%
10 to 39 players30%
40 to 99 players35%
100+ players40%

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Fortune Affiliates is an online casino, casual games, poker and bingo affiliate programme that provides world-class brands for our partners to promote.

In a world and an industry where trust, reliability, and true partnerships are difficult to come by, Fortune Affiliates has proved over the last decade to be a credible and established operator. Fortune Affiliates has continued to innovate, and remains a cutting-edge programme that delivers an incredible platform for huge earning potential.

9) mr.Playpartners

Affiliate Commissions: 50% revenue share and 2.5% of your sub-affiliates net gaming revenue every time they acquire new players.

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description:

mr.playpartners is one of the fastest growing affiliate programmes bringing partners new means of revenue and unyielding support. We are the dedicated group that makes working in the iGaming world fun, lucrative and rewarding.

mr.playpartners consists of teams of dedicated, experienced and highly motivated individuals. Regent Casino and Casino are our two brands that have the iGaming community buzzing. We love to play and encourage your to join. It’s Time To Play.

10) Game Revenue

Affiliate Commissions: Earn up to 60% commissions.

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Game Revenue has several gambling brands for you to choose from including:

  • Argo Casino & Sport
  • Zig Zag 777
  • Zig Zag & Sport
  • V Casino

11) BetWinnerAffiliates

Affiliate Commissions: Varies by offer.

Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description:

Our affiliate program is built on decades of experience in the global betting industry. Whether you’re a new or seasoned affiliate, our team is ideally positioned to guide you through the pros and cons of the marketplace.

12) Gambling.Pro

Affiliate Commissions: Varies by offer. Both CPA & Revshare options.


Affiliate Signup Link:Click Here

Affiliate Description: is an affiliate network with experienced publishers and specialists. We work with more than 30K webmasters and 500 advertisers and provide more than 1000 offers worldwide!

What are the advantages of working with We offer you ready made approaches for different GEOs with ROI 100+%, free apps to iOS/Android for generating traffic, top rates, a free Telegram bot for sharing mobile apps and Facebook accounts 24/7 and great support. Moreover, we have a very wide knowledge base with more than 80 cases and manuals.

Do you want to work with professionals? Join us.

13) The Affiliate Monkey

Affiliate Commissions: Varies by offer.

Affiliate Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

The Affiliate Monkey is an affiliate comparison and research website where users can easily filter through hundreds of the worlds best known and highest paying affiliate programs.

Do you have an online casino affiliate program that isn’t listed here? Contact me and let’s talk about getting your program included so I can start sending you some highly targeted traffic. Thanks – Bill

More online casino affiliate programs coming soon…

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Superior Share Affiliates

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Best Casino Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Sports Casino Online

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