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The basic rules of Texas Hold'em are quite simple. If you've played any poker at all, you're already familiar with hand ranks and standard betting options like bet, check, call, fold, and raise. Most cardrooms have a limit on the number of bets and raises allowed. Usually only a bet and three raises (or four raises) are allowed on each round of betting. However, when there are only two players left in the hand some cardrooms allow unlimited bets and raises. Let's now take a closer look at Texas Holdem strategy and the pattern that is essential for beginners to learn. The chart shows how many hands you are supposed to play depending on which position you sit in at the table. Example: You are sitting as player 6 to the left of the dealer button and you have a king of spades and a 7 of spades.

Although the strategy of the game is complex, the rules of Texas Holdem poker are very simple and important for an online poker player to know and understand. No Limit Texas Hold'em Rules First of all, depending on the economic resources and the experience you have in the game, the player can choose between different limits.

If you want to play poker with the big boys, then you need to know the Texas Hold Em poker rules from front to back.

Poker can be a complicated game and there are lots of things that have to be learned if you want to be successful. A basic knowledge and a grasp of the rules has to be the bare minimum and it has to be the foundation to get you started.

With that in mind, what are the rules of Texas Hold Em Poker and how is the game played from start to finish?

Let’s take a look……

The Posting Of The Blinds

The first Texas Hold Em Poker Rule and the first thing that happens in a Texas Hold Em Poker game is the posting of the blinds.

This is a predetermined amount of money that must be placed into the pot by two players before the cards are dealt.

The purpose of these blinds is to force action from the two players to the left of the dealer.

In a Texas Hold Em cash game there are no antes that have to be taken before the hand starts.

However in some Texas Hold Em poker tournaments, antes will be required once the tournament has reached a certain level.

When antes are required in a poker game, each player will have to place a certain amount of money in the pot at the beginning of each hand, regardless of whether they choose to play their hand or not.

This is discussed in more detail in the section on Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament play.

Past the antes, there are two blinds – the big blind and the small blind.

The small blind will belong to the person sitting directly to the left of the dealer and will be required to post an amount equal to one half of the big blind, before the cards are dealt.

The big blind will be the next person in succession, or to the left of the small blind, with the big blind posting an amount equal to the small bet, depending upon the limits of the poker game.

The blinds will rotate around the table in a clockwise manner so that every single player has a chance to be the dealer and such that every player will contribute the blinds once per table rotation of the dealer button.

Shuffle Up and Deal

Once the players have paid their blinds, the next Texas Hold Em Poker rule is that one card be dealt to each player face down starting with the small blind and going in a clockwise direction until each player has two cards.

These cards are known as your hole cards and should not be shown to anyone.

For example you could be dealt:


The dealer should be the last player to receive his second hole card. Players are free to look at each card as they are dealt them or can wait till they are dealt both of their hole cards before glancing at them.

The First Round Of Betting

Once every player has been dealt their cards, the player to the left of the big blind will be the first to act.

This player will have the option to either fold or muck their hand, call by placing an amount equal to the small bet or big blind, or raise by increasing the betting amount by a minimum of the previous bet, in this case the small bet or big blind.

If a player raises the following player must either call this new betting amount, fold their hand or increase the betting amount further by reraising.

It is important to note that there are two distinct types of Texas Hold Em Poker rules. In the No-Limit version of the game, players can push all of their chips into the middle during any round of betting.

On the other hand in Limit Texas Hold Em Poker, players are only allowed to double another players bet and the number of raises is limited during the action.

No Raises Before The Action Returns To The Blinds

If no one has raised when the action has returned to the two blinds, these two players will be the last to act during this first round of betting.

The small blind will have the option of folding , calling the remaining amount to equal to the big blind or raising.

Texas Holdem Poker Reraise Rules Poker

If no player has raised the blind amount, then the big blind will have what’s known as the “option“. That player can either raise the betting amount or check, allowing play to continue to the next betting round.

Raises Before The Action Returns To The Blinds

If the betting amount has been increased due to a raise from another player before action reaches the small blind, the small blind will be required to call the new betting amount, fold their hole cards or reraise the betting amount, assuming the betting limit has not been reached.

The big blind will have to do the same either calling the new betting amount, folding their hole cards or reraising the betting amount.

If any of the blinds raises the betting amount the remaining players must decide whether to continue playing by calling, folding or reraising.

Once every player has contributed the same amount of money to the pot, and in the case of Limit Texas Hold Em poker the betting limit has been reached, the first round of betting is complete.

The “Flop”

In Texas Hold Em Poker rules, the first set of community cards is dealt by the dealer with the top card of the deck being discarded or burnt with the next three cards hitting the board face up.

These three cards are known as The Flop.

Once the flop has been dealt, players will have a 2nd round of betting, with the small blind being the first to act. He can either check or bet.

Once a bet has been made, players will either have to call that bet by matching it, raise the bet by at least doubling it, or fold their cards.

If a player bets or raises and and no one calls or re-raises his bet, then the pot is his. If he has a caller, then play continues on to the next round of betting.

Poker Games Rules Texas Holdem

The “Turn”

After the initial three community cards are dealt, the next step is to deal The Turn.


The dealer will discard the top card of the deck and another single community card is placed face up to the right of the last card of the flop.

Following the turn, players again start with the player closest to the left of the dealer, the small blind, and betting goes just as it did after the flop.

The “River”

The final community card is known as The River Card and it brings about the final round of betting.

Once again the top card of the deck is burnt, and the river card is placed face up to the right of the turn card.

A round of betting occurs as it did after the turn.

The Showdown

At this time, if a player has his bet called by one or more players, then the players will show down their hands.

Each player uses the best five card combination of their two hole cards and the five community cards to give players a chance to win the pot. The player with the highest ranking Texas Hold Em poker hand will win the pot.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules Hands

Texas holdem poker reraise rules poker

For example:

Your Hand:Your Opponent’s Hand:

The Showdown:

In this situation you Royal Flush would win over your opponent’s Four of a Kind.

If the remaining players are using the same five card combination to make the winning hand, also known as playing the board, the pot is split between the players.

It is important to remember that at any point in the betting process, a player can win the pot by forcing all of his opponents to fold, regardless of what he is holding as his hole cards.

Ultimately, these Texas Hold Em Poker Rules are relatively simple to grasp once you get the hang of the game. They are essential, though, if you really want to play serious poker. Before you sit down to play, make sure that you have a firm grasp on how everything works.

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