What Does Don't Pass Mean In Craps

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Kicking around casinos is cool and fun, but there is always a big chance of losing your money. Every casino game in the world has a house edge, because they need to make profit. But the fact is, for the casino to make profit, someone has to lose…

In games such as Craps, where you’re always playing against the house, in the long run you will not win money (mathematically speaking anyway). Most of the bets have a house edge, for example betting on “any 7” has a 17% house edge. This means you should expect to lose money in craps, as the game has negative expected value in total. Now, of course you can prevent the amount of money you lose, and even make profit on occasions, by learning craps strategy. But even if you play optimally, the chances are you will still lose money. This is why a concept known as Bankroll Management is important.

What Is Bankroll Management?

Bankroll Management is a term used for limiting how much you take to the casino, and place in bets to prevent going broke too soon. When playing online craps or at the casino, you should limit each bet to 1% of your bankroll. This is the so-called “optimum” bet size because it maximises the amount you can win, whilst also hedging yourself against variance. There is no way you could possibly lose 100 Pass Line bets in a row for instance.

Not only that, if craps is played correctly, the percentage favoring the house is less than video poker, slots, roulette and even blackjack; that is, Ralph, if players like you follow the fundamental principles I've laid out on my audio tapes and stick to pass line bets with odds or placing the six and eight. What Does Pass And Don't Pass Mean In Craps, online casino wo man mit paypal einzahlen kann, casino san dimas, indian casino near palmdale ca.

Unfortunately, if you are using a betting system such as the famous Martingale betting system, whereby you utilise a “double or nothing” approach, you can go broke quite quickly. This is because the risks involved are very high – even if it seems like a reasonable strategy from the outset. All it takes is around 5 50/50 losses in a row before you lose all your money using this method. That is why I recommend sticking to the 1% rule. You can enjoy your hot streaks at the casino, leave up on profit, and still escape without losing a high amount of your roll. Of course you won’t win as much using this approach, not like the Texan plutocrat next to you blowing $1k rolls on Blackjack, but you’ll also lose much less.

In terms of how much you should take to the craps table, that figure is entirely up to you. All I will say here is that you should only take as much as you are prepared to lose. For example, if you can stand to lose $100 without wanting to kill yourself, then that is ok. But, don’t take $5k with you expecting to double it up without understanding the risks involved. I would estimate over 90% of people in casinos lose their money. I know that in online poker, 95% of players lose their money. It is only the top 5% of players, who use optimal poker strategy, that successful make money.

Finally, if you feel yourself losing it on the casino floor or playing online craps, it is always best to be open about your gambling addiction and find help as soon as possible. Please visit this page for more information and help – HelpGuide.org Gambling Addiction Page.

Good Craps Bets vs Bad Craps Bets

This section is a brief lesson on which bets you should make and which ones you should not make. Following this tips in your game you will have better chances of winning on each bet.

The only good bets in craps are the pass line bet, the don’t pass bet, the come bet, the don’t come bet, free odds (on the pass line and occasional other spots), and placing the 6 and 8, so before you start to play for real money make sure that you understand them and you don’t have no doubt when you place them.

The best choice when comes about betting is to choose the pass line bet and the come bet, or the free odds with one of those two. The pass line bet has a house edge of 1.41% and the come bet has a house edge of 1.36%, which is good and if you take free odds on one of them you can reduce more the house edge.


Ensure you ‘take down’ any bets that wouldn’t normally be removed from the betting layout on their own. Many proposition bets are left on the board even if you win, and so can be swept away rather quickly. Stay on your toes. The proposition bets from the center of the table have a high house edge. You should not play proposition bets with any consistency.

If you are a novice in craps you should better first practice the game with free craps lessons online. Also, you could take advantage of the free craps instructions, which many casinos offer. This way you will can get comfortable tossing the dice and placing your bets.

You should try to avoid to make bets against the dice because many players are superstitious and so you won’t be an agreeable presence for the fellow players and you could even get nasty look and bad remarks from them.

Use as much as you can from your bankroll in bets with odds. If you’ve got money down on the table, a good portion of it should be on free odds bets, as these are the only ones which are fair and impartial.

Pay attention to your bankroll, and try to play with your winnings as much as possible. Craps is a negative expectation game so walking away up, however little, is definitely a win.

Never play with any systems, because in craps there are no such systems. Only bet what you’re comfortable losing, and make sure that a good portion of that bet is on the odds.

To get familiar with the game and learn the rules and process of play, along with each of the bets and which ones are smart, start with our rules of craps page, and move on to our craps strategy pages.

Craps dont pass odds

I’m writing a series of blog posts about casino games and the good and bad strategies for playing those games.

Craps is one of my favorite casino games, so I’ve been looking forward to writing this one.

And the beautiful thing about craps is that it’s a game of pure chance. The best strategy is just to choose the bets with the lowest edge for the house and have fun.

But I’ll have some things to say about some of the strategies and systems that other writers promote, too.

They’re mostly bad craps strategies.

Here’s the Only Craps Strategy You Need

When you’re dealing with an entirely random game – like craps – the only strategy that matters is choosing the bets with the lowest house edge and having fun.

The only decision you make in craps is what bet to place.

I’ll have something to say about shooters and whether they have control over the outcomes later in this post, but for now, let’s just agree that games like craps are purely chance.

In other games that are entirely random, like slot machines, you don’t even really need to decide which bet to place. It’s chosen for you before you sit down.

When playing craps for real money, you have a handful of good bets you can make, but most of the bets on the table are bad. Just skip the bad bets, and you’re all set.

The Bests Bets at the Craps Table

The best bets at the craps table are the pass line bet and the don’t pass bet.

The come and don’t come bets are also great wagers.

I always advise casino gamblers to try to limit their gambling to games where the house edge is lower than 2% — preferably 1.5% or lower.

The house edge for the pass and come bets is the same, 1.41%, which means they qualify.

The house edge for the don’t pass and don’t come bets is even lower, 1.36%, but the 0.05% isn’t worth worrying about. Most people prefer to root for the shooter to succeed.

The other bet to think about at the craps table is the odds bet. This is a bet you can only place after making one of the 4 bets I already mentioned and when the shooter has set a point.

This is one of the only bets in the casino that has no house edge. It’s a break-even bet, but it can be expensive.


It can also drive the effective house edge on the money you have in action down to almost nothing.

Here’s how that works.

How the Odds Bet Changes the House Edge for the Better

If you’re betting on the pass line and the shooter sets a point, you can expect to lose $1.41 for every $100 you bet. That’s on average and in the long run.

If you’re playing at a casino that only allows you to place an odds bet at 1X the size of your pass line bet, you can put another $100 into action.

Your expected loss remains $1.41, though, which effectively cuts the house edge in half, from 1.41% to 0.71%.

If you’re able to bet 2X your original bet on the odds bet, you can lower that even further to 0.36%. (You have $300 in action, but your expected loss is still only $1.41.)

The more you’re able to bet on the odds bet, the lower the house edge for all the money you have in action becomes.

It’s clear why betting on the pass line and taking the most odds that you can is an effective strategy. With the odds bet, you can get the house edge in craps lower than 0.5% at least some of the time at the table, making it an even better game than blackjack.

And what’s more, you don’t have to memorize basic strategy to get the low house edge at craps.

You just need a big enough casino bankroll to make the right bets, and you need enough sense to avoid the bad bets at the table – of which there are many.

Any Strategy that Involves Placing ANY Other Bets at the Craps Table Is a BAD Craps Strategy

There’s a reason gambling experts measure bets according to their house edge. That’s because it’s the single best indicator of how good or bad a bet is.

The house edge is a statistical estimate of how much money you’ll lose as a percentage of your original bet over the long run.

If the house edge is 1.41%, the casino expects to win an average of $1.41 every time you bet $100.

What Does Don't Pass Mean In Craps Games

If the house edge is 16.66%, the casino expects to win an average of $16.66 every time you bet $100.

Which bet looks like the better bet for the casino?

And which one looks like the better bet for the gambler?

It shouldn’t be hard to make the distinction.

Most of the bets at the craps table have a house edge of over 9%, making these bets worse than roulette, which is a notoriously bad game for the player.

Even the best of the bad bets on the craps table are inferior to the 1.41% or 1.36% you can get from the pass, don’t pass, come, and don’t come bets.

And trust me on this:

You can have PLENTY of fun sticking with the basic bets at the craps table.

Betting Systems Where You Raise and Lower the Size of Your Bets Are Bad Strategies

The classic example of this kind of betting system is the Martingale System, where you double the size of your bets after each loss. When you do this repeatedly, you eventually win back the money you’ve lost along with a profit of one unit.

What Does Don't Pass Mean In Craps Machine

What Does Don

The problem with a system like the Martingale is that you’ll eventually run into a big enough losing streak that it will wipe out all those small profits and then some.

Most people underestimate how quickly a bet’s size gets when doubling after every loss.

They also overestimate how likely they are to avoid long losing streaks.

If you double a $5 bet once, that’s $10.

But if you run into a losing streak of 8 bets in a row, you’re looking at having to bet $640 to make up for your losses.

Also, every roll of the dice is an independent event. The odds don’t change based on how many times you’ve won or lost in a row.

You might think the probability of losing that 8th bet is lower than the likelihood of losing the first one, but the truth is that the dice have no memory. They have the same 6 sides, no matter how many times you’ve lost in a row.

Each bet in craps is an independent event, and any betting system will assume that the odds are changing based on how many times in a row you’ve won or lost.

Money Management Strategies Don’t Hurt Anything, but They Won’t Improve Your Odds of Winning, Either

Money management strategies involve having strict gambling discipline about how much of your bankroll you’re willing to risk before quitting the game. They also require you to stop when you’ve won an arbitrary amount of money.

Money management techniques are often used in conjunction with betting systems.


Here’s an example of a money management strategy in craps:

You decide your bankroll for the session is $250, and you’re playing for $5 per roll of the dice.

Your stop-loss limit is $100, so, if your bankroll drops to $150, you must quit the craps session and go do something else.

Your win goal is $250, so once your bankroll gets up to $500, you must quit the game and go do something else.

This kind of strategy might increase your chances of walking away from the game a winner.

But that’s only because a lot of gamblers will just keep playing until they’ve lost their entire stake. They just don’t generally have a lot of sense about that sort of thing.

The Jury’s Out on Dice Setting or Dice Control

I’ve seen multiple reputable gambling writers express interest and some belief that some craps shooters can influence the probability of specific outcomes. I’m skeptical – in the extreme – but I’ll give it an appropriate amount of credence.

The idea is that you hold the dice a specific way – “setting” the dice – then throw with a minimum amount of force – just enough to hit the back wall and eliminate most of the rolling action.

A controlled shooting expert doesn’t have to be perfect. Instead, they’re trying to be like someone who’s playing darts. They improve the probability enough to change the negative expectation on a bet to a positive expectation.

For the most part, this means throwing the dice in such a way as to minimize the probability of getting a total of seven.

You can buy books and videos explaining how to get an edge at craps this way, but I can’t imagine the amount of practice and record-keeping required to have any confidence in your ability to change the odds.

Imagine if you spent 1000 hours trying to learn how to control the dice and coming up short. Maybe you just don’t have the knack for it.

That doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.

I’d rather learn to count cards in blackjack.


Those are the best and the worst of the strategies I know of for playing craps in the casino. I know plenty of people who would disagree with every recommendation I’ve made, but the math behind the game doesn’t lie.

Don't Pass Line Craps

The best strategy is to stick with the bets with the lowest house edge and have as much fun as you can.